Uniform & Supplies

Uniform & Supplies

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Click here to view the MAIA Uniform Requirements.  Uniform items can be purchased at many shops including:

Fallas Stores - 5375 Ridge Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45213 #513.351.5456

SchoolBelles - 5718 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211 #513.984.0507

Uniform/Dress Code Policy

At MAIA, we value each student for who they are, not by how they look or what they wear. One of our goals is to cultivate the same attitude in our students. The MAIA dress code policy requires students to be in uniform. Not adhering to the school uniform policy is considered a violation of school rules. Consequences will follow the procedural guidelines for behavior infractions. Students are to be in uniform at all times, except on scheduled non-uniform days or when special permission is granted by administration. The school uniform policy will be strictly enforced.

Students are not allowed to change into street clothes after school without permission from a school official. Items that are not listed below may not be worn to school. Any combination of the items listed below may be worn:


Boys and Girls – Grades K- 11

  • Pants/Shorts/Skirts: Khaki
  • Shirt - Oxford button down: Burgundy or White
  • Shirt - Collared Polo: Burgundy or White
  • Jumper: Burgundy
  • Belt: Black or Brown
  • Sweater: Burgundy
  • Socks: White or Black


Boys and Girls – Grade 12

  • Pants or Skirts: Khaki
  • Shirt - Oxford button down: Black only
  • Shirt - Collared Polo:  Black only
  • Jumper: Burgundy
  • Sweater: Burgundy
  • Socks: White or black


Gym Apparel (Boys & Girls)-PE teacher’s discretion

  • Sweatpants: Black
  • Shorts: Black
  • T-Shirt: White
  • Sweatshirt: Burgundy
  • Socks: White or Black
  • Sneakers: Non-Marking Sole Only


The following items are  NOT allowed

  • Open toe, high heels, jelly or high platform shoes
  • Flip flops, shower sandals, and sneakers with wheels are prohibited for safety reasons
  • Leggings (unless worn with a skirt or shorts)
  • Denim
  • Skirts shorter than 2 inches above the knee
  • Jewelry, other than small earrings, rings and watches
  • All earrings for girls more than 1 inch in diameter
  • Earring that cause distraction to other students or could be a safety hazard for the student
  • Facial piercings
  • No headwear for girls or boys including hats, caps or scarves
  • Unnatural hair coloring and/or styling that result in instructional distractions
  • Pants may NOT be worn low slung
  • Low cut shirts (no cleavage should be seen)
  • Clothing must cover a students midriff
  • Hooded sweatshirts (excepting sweatshirts with school colors or MAIA log without pictures or writing)
  • Hood may not be worn over the head when in school


The following details are to be observed while students are on campus, except on non-uniform days

  • Shirts and undershirts must not contain writing or pictures
  • Only white, burgundy, or grey T-shirts are allowed when worn as undershirts
  • Pants may not be worn low slung
  • No black-soled shoes are allowed in the gymnasium
  • Shirts are to be tucked in
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